BB Detailing’s Journey to 18 Bookings In 30 Days

Discover how BB Detailing turbocharged their bookings and business growth using Auto Growth’s targeted Facebook Ads campaign, resulting in over £10,000 in revenue within just 30 days.

Overview of the Clients

Ben Bell, the owner of BB Detailing in Rotherham, was determined to attract more leads and bookings for his ceramic coating services. Specialising in detailing and paint protection film, BB Detailing was on the lookout for methods to focus more on high-ticket ceramic coating jobs and to showcase their incredible services services to a wider market across South Yorkshire.

The Challenge

Ben faced a major hurdle in reaching his target audience.

Despite hearing about Auto Growth’s potential, he was new to Facebook ads and was concerned with how effective they would be for his business.

On top of that, the recent move to a new unit added pressure to quickly fill his diary with quality jobs, meaning he needed to make sure the money was coming in to keep the unit move profitable.

Past Marketing Efforts

Prior attempts at marketing, such as leafleting and partnerships with dealerships, had not properly got the desired results for BB Detailing. Ben had an amazing social media presence, but as organic reach was slowly dying, Ben wanted to pay to play.

What made it worse was that Ben had heard horror stories in Facebook groups from other detailers that have used marketing agencies and wasted thousands. But got in touch with Auto Growth to devise a plan, and also make use of Auto Growth’s guarantee for the first month, for added reassurance.

The Auto Growth Plan

Auto Growth devised a plan to kickstart Ben’s business using Facebook Ads.

The strategy involved leveraging video content and tailored ad copy to directly address the target market, address paint points, and make sure the ads weeded out people that weren’t the right kind of fit for their offer.

The campaign focused on collecting vital customer information like name, email and phone number, then added additional information including paintwork condition and car ownership details, which allowed them to prioritise even further who was a good fit for their business.

Like anything marketing related, what works for one never works for the other. Continuous A/B testing was done to make sure Ben had the best bang for his buck on his ads..

Success Story

Within the first 30 days, BB Detailing saw extraordinary results. The business generated over £10,000 in bookings, filling the diary for more than three weeks.

The influx of new warm leads and sales opportunities has allowed Ben to hire someone to help turn more of those leads into bookings, as he’s doing the work. With all of these bookings Ben has, he’s only scraping the surface of what’s there. With a full time sales team member having capacity to focus on more of the leads, he will be able to generate even more bookings and sales.

The success has been so impactful that Ben is now planning to expand, opening a new unit in Sheffield dedicated to ceramic coating and high-ticket detailing services, while maintaining the Rotherham location for valeting work.

Future Plans

Ben’s future with Auto Growth looks bright, with plans to maintain and expand this successful partnership into our other marketing package for ceramic coating such as Google Ads, his own full time AI employee helping automate more of those manual busy work tasks, and begin looking at generating more Paint Protection Film leads using Facebook Ads & Google Ads

Client Review

“The first 3 weeks of my partnership with Auto Growth have been incredibly successful,” says Ben. “Within this period, I confirmed 18 bookings. Tom and his team were diligent, keeping me updated throughout the process. I was initially skeptical, but their industry knowledge and results have been a game-changer for my business. This growth trajectory promises a transformative year ahead for BB Detailing.”

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