More Ceramic Coating Jobs: A Case Study of Puma Valeting & Detailing

Mike, the owner of Puma Valeting & Detailing was looking for a way to attract more of those high-paying customers with his ceramic coating services. He just didn't know how! Read below to find out how we turned a normally very quiet December into one of the busiest months for many, many years.


Mike, the owner of Puma Valeting & Detailing, found himself in need of attracting high-paying customers for his ceramic coating services.

Despite his expertise and experience in the industry, he was struggling to generate leads and maintain a steady flow of bookings. In this case study, we will explore how Puma Valeting & Detailing overcame these challenges and transformed a typically quiet December into one of their busiest months in years.

About Puma Valeting & Detailing

Located in Coventry, United Kingdom, Puma Valeting & Detailing has been providing top-quality detailing and valeting services for over 20 years. Mike, the skilled professional behind the business, initially honed his craft in dealerships before establishing his own venture. With a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence, Puma Valeting & Detailing had built a strong presence in Coventry.

The Challenge

Despite their success, Puma Valeting & Detailing faced a critical issue. The number of enquiries on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google had significantly decreased. Additionally, the majority of leads Mike received were for low-cost jobs that offered minimal profit margins.

This decline in leads and the emergence of new mobile detailers offering steep discounts intensified the challenge. Furthermore, changes to social media algorithms, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, limited organic reach for businesses.

The Impact and Lost Opportunities

As a result, Mike became increasingly concerned about the future of his business. The decline in bookings and last-minute cancellations from loyal customers further exacerbated the situation. Puma Valeting & Detailing was losing out on potential revenue each month, prompting Mike to search for a solution.

The Solution

To address the decline in ceramic coating bookings, Puma Valeting & Detailing partnered with Auto Growth, a leading automotive marketing agency. Together, they devised a comprehensive Facebook Ads strategy tailored to Mike’s business. Auto Growth walked Mike through their proven Facebook Ads system, showcasing the types of ads, sales scripts, and strategies that consistently deliver results for detailers.

Auto Growth’s approach focused not only on generating leads but also on improving the sales process. Recognizing that sales often play a crucial role in business success, they equipped Mike with sales scripts, objection handling techniques, and live role-playing exercises through their membership area. This holistic approach ensured that Mike had the necessary tools to handle sales calls effectively.

Results Achieved – 30 Days In

The implementation of Auto Growth’s Facebook Ads System yielded remarkable results for Puma Valeting & Detailing. Within just 45 days, the business secured over £4,000 in completed bookings. The cost-per-lead averaged between £1 and £5, showcasing the efficiency of the campaign. Furthermore, Puma Valeting & Detailing achieved an impressive 11% conversion rate from leads to bookings.

Results Achieved – 90 Days

Looking for More Ceramic Coating Jobs?

If you are a detailer seeking to boost your ceramic coating bookings, Auto Growth can provide the solution you need. Their proven strategies have helped detailers across the UK, Australia, and the US attract customers who genuinely appreciate their services. Click the button below to discover how Auto Growth can help you succeed.


Puma Valeting & Detailing’s partnership with Auto Growth demonstrated the power of a targeted Facebook Ads campaign in generating high-quality leads and increasing bookings. By focusing on both lead generation and sales optimization, Puma Valeting & Detailing overcame their challenges and experienced substantial growth. If you are a detailer looking to achieve similar results, Auto Growth can provide the expertise and strategies you need to thrive in the car detailing market.

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