How RGK Detailing Glasgow Achieved More Ceramic Coating Bookings: A Car Detailing Marketing Case Study

Prepare to be amazed by RGK Detailing Glasgow's extraordinary journey to booking success in the cutthroat car detailing industry. Discover the game-changing strategies they employed with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, guided by Auto Growth's expert touch. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to accelerate your own business growth. It's time to ignite your car detailing marketing and leave your competition in the dust!


Discover how RGK Detailing Glasgow, a reputable car detailing business in Scotland, overcame marketing challenges and generated a surge in bookings. In this case study, we explore their successful utilization of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, with the assistance of Auto Growth. Read on to learn how they attracted more customers and maximized their business potential.

About RGK Detailing Glasgow

Based in Glasgow, UK, RGK Detailing Glasgow has been providing exceptional detailing services, including ceramic coating and paint enhancement, since 2009. As a Gyeon certified business, Richard Kwiecinski, the owner, established a strong reputation within the industry.

The Marketing Challenge for Detailers

Richard faced fierce competition from new detailers in the area who were undercutting prices. This resulted in a decrease in inquiries and posed a risk to his loyal customer base. Previous attempts with Google Ads yielded unsatisfactory results due to poor website optimization. Seeking a solution, Richard turned to Auto Growth, a trusted marketing agency specializing in small business growth.

The Power of Auto Growth’s Approach

Partnering with Auto Growth, RGK Detailing Glasgow implemented a comprehensive Facebook Ads campaign to increase customer inquiries. An irresistible offer was crafted to engage potential customers, and automated texts and emails were set up to provide continuous follow-up and nurture leads. Additionally, a series of educational emails helped inform customers about the business and the benefits of ceramic coating.

Impressive Results Achieved

The implementation of Auto Growth’s Facebook Ads System delivered outstanding outcomes for RGK Detailing Glasgow. Completed bookings exceeded £8,000, with an average cost-per-lead ranging from £1 to £5. The remarkable conversion rate of 15% demonstrated the effectiveness of the campaign. Furthermore, Facebook Ads generated 140 leads at an average cost of £2.74 each, resulting in a significant return on ad spend.

Unlock Your Business Growth Potential

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RGK Detailing Glasgow’s collaboration with Auto Growth exemplifies the impact of a well-executed Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaign. By leveraging these powerful marketing channels and implementing effective lead nurturing strategies, they successfully boosted their bookings and secured substantial business growth. Follow their footsteps and unlock the growth potential of your own car detailing business with Auto Growth’s expert guidance.

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