KG Autocare – More Ceramic Coating Bookings Using Facebook Ads

KG Autocare: From routine valeting to ceramic coating champions. Discover how Facebook Ads levelled up their ceramic coating bookings.


In the automotive industry, standing out is a challenge. KG Autocare, based in Sheffield, sought to redefine their market presence and look to gain more ceramic coating bookings. With our tailored digital marketing strategies and automotive marketing experience, we set the wheels in motion to bring his plans to life.

About KG Autocare

Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, KG Autocare is more than just a detailing service. They’re specialists, offering ceramic coating, paint protection film, and a suite of detailing services. Their website and active social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram showcase their craft.


KG Autocare had a clear vision:

  • Shift Focus: They aimed to pivot towards ceramic coating services, moving away from the routine valeting jobs.
  • Boost Sales: A surge in quality leads and sales was the endgame.


KG Autocare’s journey wasn’t without hurdles:

  • Slow SEO Returns: Their investment in SEO wasn’t yielding quick results, they needed to try something else.
  • Immediate Impact: They needed a strategy with faster outcomes.

Our Approach

Tailoring to KG Autocare’s needs, we charted a unique path:

  • Lead Warming: An automated system sent out engaging emails and content, turning cold leads into potential customers.
  • Showcasing Expertise: A 4-part video series on ceramic coating was launched, positioning KG Autocare as industry leaders.
  • Targeted Campaigns: We zeroed in on Facebook & Instagram Ads, reaching out to their core audience with a package that would

Our Results

Our approach brought real world results for KG Autocare:

  • Leads: A whopping 249 potential opportunities were generated.
  • Value: These leads had a potential value of £96,861.
  • Bookings: 24 of these leads converted, bringing in over £11,000.
  • Loyal Customers: Several clients booked in with our marketing returned with multiple vehicles, a nod to KG Autocare’s stellar service.
  • Big Wins: Their enhanced market presence led to a luxury car care contract.

Visual Proof

To complement what we’ve said, here’s some proof!

  • Lead Snapshots: Screenshots highlighted the volume of leads.
  • Ad Displays: The crafted ads, along with positive customer feedback, were showcased.

Wrapping Up

In automotive detailing marketing and getting more ceramic coating bookings, visibility is key. Our partnership with KG Autocare underscores our commitment to spotlighting businesses. Through focused strategies and relentless effort, we helped KG Autocare drive more sales & bookings for their core services.

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