Rhino Auto: Tuning Success with Car Remapping Marketing Solutions

Revving up Rhino Auto's success! Dive into our game-changing car marketing strategy that shifted gears from mere leads to real sales. Discover the drive behind the results.
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In the remapping world, engine tuning business owners often struggle with making themselves stand out. Rhino Auto, a Berkshire-based car remapping service, faced a similar problem. Enter our expert car marketing service for car remapping busiensses. Tailored to transform challenges into opportunities.

An Overview of The Car Remapping Business – Rhino Auto

Client Overview: Rhino Auto isn’t another name in the car remapping industry. Based in the Berkshire, they offer both mobile and unit-based services. Their digital footprint and website https://rhinoauto.co.uk/, appeals to a wide range of car owners. What sets them apart is their commitment to customer service and post-service support.

Lewis, the owner behind Rhino Auto, has spent years mastering the art of remapping and delivering an incredible service.

Objectives Of Running Ads for More Car Remapping Customers

Objectives: When Rhino Auto approached us, their objectives were clear:

  • Lead Quality Over Quantity: While the number of leads is important, quality of leads is more of an important metric to track. Rhino Auto aimed to attract potential clients interested in their services, not ones looking for the cheapest quote.
  • Efficient Quotation Process: The existing process was tedious, often leading to lost opportunities. A streamlined, efficient system was needed to help automate his quoting process. Sending personalised email & SMS content that helped nurture leads into a sale, around the clock.
  • Sales Boost: At the end of the day, the primary metric of success was an increase in sales. We needed to ensure consistent business for Lewis and his team.

Car Remapping Marketing Challenges

Challenges: Every car remapping/engine tuning business osners seems to face the same issues with digital marketing and getting more customers.

  • Previous Marketing Agency Experience: Their previous marketing agency experience could have been better. The number of leads, although significant, lacked in quality. Many were price shoppers that never replied, leading to wasted effort and resources. As well, the previous agency had little to zero experience within the automotive sector. Meaning everything had to be learnt.
  • Ad Monotony: The previous agency’s strategy lacked innovation. The repetitive ad style failed to capture the audience’s attention, not standing out in the marketplace.
  • Management Overload: Lewis found himself overwhelmed with the volume of leads. ,any of which lacked potential. The challenge was not to attract leads but to ensure they were valuable and qualified. Many marketing agencies will push how many leads they get businesses, but leads shouldn’t be the metric of success. What’s more important is quality & booked appointments. Having to send hundreds of quotes isn’t a useful resource on time.

The Marketing Strategy for Rhino Auto

Our Strategy: Understanding the challenges Rhino Auto faced, we crafted a bespoke strategy:

  • Lead Qualification: We introduced price-focused ads, setting clear expectations right from the start. Attracting higher-quality customers that had an idea of the price before getting a quote. This simple yet effective strategy reduced the number of price-sensitive inquiries. Giving Lewis the more time to focus on following up with existing enquiries.
  • Landing Page Transformation: Transitioning from basic lead forms, we introduced comprehensive landing pages. These pages served as mini-educational website, taking potential clients from unawareness to interest. By including FAQs, showcasing benefits, and maintaining a premium edge, we ensured leads were warm before getting a quote.
  • Survey Integration: After getting a quote, we introduced a survey step. We want Lewis to have a way that he could tell the difference between a high-quality lead and a lower-quality one. If Lewis was out on a job, he had a way to focus and prioritise his efforts on customers that had issues he knew he could solve with his remaps. This allowed us to capture essential details about the potential client, enabling Lewis to tailor his approach during the sales call.

The Results From Our Engine Tuning Marketing

Results: Our strategic approach reaped great rewards in three months:

  • Lead Generation: We generated a 459 leads.
  • Lead Value: These weren’t any leads. Their total combined value stood at an impressive £94,180.
  • Conversions: Of these leads, 52 turned into actual remap jobs. Bringing in a total job value of £14,077.00 (and counting).
  • Efficiency Boost: Our landing page wasn’t about aesthetics. It boasted a conversion rate of 20%, a significant leap from the industry average of 5-10%. This meant leads had to insert their information (increasing the quality), and had more than likely read the entire page from start to finish.

Highlights Worth Noting

Media Highlights: To provide a visual representation of our efforts:

Facebook Ads Results

We incorporated screenshots of our Facebook ad campaigns. Showcasing metrics like lead numbers, expenditure, and performance.

Ad Creative Examples

Ad Creatives: Visuals of the ads we crafted provided insights into our creative process. We test hundreds of variables when it comes to ads.

Here’s one of our best performing ads, that generated over 200 plus leads, with an incredible amount of social proof on the ads below from previous customers.

High-Converting Landing Page & Results

  • Landing Page & Survey: Here are screenshots of our high-converting landing page designs.

Here’s the results of our opt-in rates, and after opt-in survey:

How We Supported Rhino Auto

Ongoing Support: Our commitment to Rhino Auto extended beyond the initial campaign. With our monthly management model, we ensured that Rhino Auto always had a partner by their side. Ready to assist, automate tedious elements of sof the business, and drive growth.

In Need Of A Car Marketing Agency?

Conclusion: In the world of car marketing services, it’s not about numbers; it’s about real, tangible results. Our collaboration with Rhino Auto stands as our commitment to delivering excellence. Through strategic planning, innovative solutions, and continuous support, we transformed challenges into opportunities. Driving growth and ensuring success for Rhino Auto.

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