Unlocking Business Potential: How Auto Growth Revved Up Hadrian’s Vehicle Services with High-Performance Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads

Discover the power of precise digital marketing in our latest case study, where Auto Growth's Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads helped accelerate Hadrian's Vehicle Services to a stunning £15,403 in revenue within just 30 days. Dive into the strategy that transformed a local automotive service unit into a buzzing hub of high-demand detailing success.
Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads


In the picturesque county of Northumberland, James Teasdale of Hadrian’s Vehicle Services was charting a roadmap to success, aiming to transform his burgeoning car care enterprise into a franchise-worthy venture. With high ambitions and a pristine new unit awaiting clients, James faced the critical challenge of driving traffic to his door, specifically for lucrative ceramic coating services.

This case study reveals how Auto Growth, with precision-targeted Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads, not only fueled Hadrian’s Vehicle Services to meet its goals but also set the business on a fast track to profitability and growth.

Client Background: The Road to Partnership

Hadrian’s Vehicle Services, led by the entrepreneurial spirit of James Teasdale, was already turning heads on the road with its expert detailing services. As James transitioned from a fully mobile setup to a dedicated unit, he knew the potential of specialized ceramic coating jobs to not only attract discerning clientele but also to secure the unit’s financial viability.

The challenge was clear: to fast-track the business toward a bustling hub of high-end detailing services.

The Challenge: A New Unit in Need of a Winning Strategy

Prior to engaging with Auto Growth, James’s unit, despite its potential, was like a high-performance engine running idle; the capacity for output was there, but it needed the right spark. The primary challenge was to ignite market interest and awareness, particularly for ceramic coating services, which promised higher margins and customer retention. The objective was to power up the unit with solid bookings and ensure it roared to life with profitability.

Services and Strategic Implementation: The Auto Growth Formula

Enter Auto Growth’s specialized digital marketing services, with Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads as the spearhead. Through an intricate understanding of automotive digital marketing and the power of Facebook’s advertising platform, Auto Growth devised a bespoke campaign tailored to reach the heart of the local automotive community.

Targeting and Tailoring

The essence of this high-octane strategy was a precision-targeted ad campaign focusing on car enthusiasts and owners who value impeccable vehicle care. By leveraging Facebook’s robust targeting tools, Auto Growth positioned Hadrian’s Vehicle Services as the go-to expert for Ceramic Coating, directly in front of an audience with the intent and interest to book these specialized services.

Results: Booking Success and Revenue Acceleration

The results of Auto Growth’s campaign were nothing short of spectacular. Within an astonishing 30-day span, Hadrian’s Vehicle Services clinched 35 bookings, which translated into a staggering £15,403 in revenue. This immediate uptick was part of a larger success story that saw the business amass 57 bookings and over £25,000 in revenue, solidifying the efficacy of Auto Growth’s strategic implementation.

Advertising Insights and Client Feedback

The use of Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads proved to be a cornerstone of the campaign’s triumph. James Teasdale lauded the efforts, stating, “Tom and the team took my business from good to great. We were currently a team of two who were fully mobile, moving into a unit I knew that I had to find something to make it work. Tom and the team managed to get me over £36k in leads in the first month with that converting into just over £10k in sales in the first 30 days. The systems and automations behind Auto Growth are 5*. Couldn’t recommend enough!”

This client feedback underscores the tangible impact of Auto Growth’s expertise on Hadrian’s Vehicle Services’ exponential growth.


Auto Growth’s partnership with Hadrian’s Vehicle Services is a testament to how well-calibrated digital marketing strategies, like Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads, can propel automotive businesses to new heights. If you’re looking to supercharge your business with results-driven digital marketing, explore Auto Growth’s services and check the availability in your area.

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