Wash n Gloss Added Another Way To Get More High-paying Ceramic Coating Jobs

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Situation Before Partnering with Us

Wash n Gloss was an established business, benefiting from a contract with a prestigious luxury car showroom. However, Danny Lateu, the owner, knew that relying solely on commercial work could be a double-edged sword. While it provided consistent jobs one week, it could become quiet the next, posing a financial risk. To secure a stable future for his business, Danny recognized the need to explore additional lead generation strategies.

Challenges Faced

Danny’s concerns were twofold. First, he wanted to ensure a steady flow of work for his newly joined son, who was now part of the business. Second, Danny found himself increasingly occupied with low-margin valeting jobs, leaving little time for the higher-margin and more enjoyable ceramic coating jobs that they aspired to focus on. This imbalance needed to be addressed to maximize profitability and fulfill their business goals.

Root Causes of the Problem

Danny had attempted to boost his business’s online presence through haphazard Facebook post promotions, but the results were disappointing. Like many detailers, he encountered a common issue—receiving messages from tire kickers looking for free or heavily discounted services. Additionally, Danny had invested in long-term search engine optimization (SEO), but the results were slow to materialize, with benefits often visible only after six months or more.

Impact of the Problem

The uncertainty surrounding future jobs became a source of worry for Danny. It was a constant juggling act, trying to predict the next job and its impact on the business’s monthly revenue. While Danny had ambitions to expand his business, he realized the importance of establishing a solid foundation before taking that leap.

Missed Opportunities Without a Solution

By not implementing an effective marketing strategy, Wash n Gloss was missing out on numerous potential bookings every passing day. This allowed competitors to capture a significant share of the market, leaving Danny and his team behind.

Our Promise and Plan for Success

Understanding Danny’s aspirations and challenges, we devised a compelling marketing package that would address his specific needs. Our approach focused on optimizing profitability while delivering exceptional value to customers. Central to our strategy was running targeted Facebook ads, showcasing the benefits of their ceramic coating packages and prominently highlighting the pricing. This approach aimed to preempt the common objection of price, ensuring potential customers had a clear understanding and appreciation of the value they would receive.

To empower Danny, we provided him with a comprehensive sales framework. We emphasized the importance of following this framework diligently, as it had proven to guarantee results. Danny wholeheartedly embraced this system, integrating it into his daily workflow and customer interactions.

Outcomes and Results Achieved

The impact of our collaboration was remarkable. Within the first 30 days, Wash n Gloss experienced a significant boost, generating an additional £4.6k in sales. Notably, this increase included premium upsells and cross-selling opportunities that further enhanced their revenue stream. To date, our partnership has yielded an impressive £7.2k in extra revenue, transforming the financial landscape of Danny’s business.

Initially, Danny encountered challenges in adapting to this new approach. It required a shift from his traditional method of providing a price and leaving customers to deliberate. However, he recognized that effective sales techniques hold the key to unlocking the true potential of a business. With our unwavering support and guidance, Danny persevered, mastering the art of educating leads and converting them into loyal customers.

Today, Wash n Gloss benefits from an automated review system that consistently generates positive feedback from satisfied customers. The booking system we implemented sends timely reminders, reducing cancellations and reschedules. Excited about the future, Danny is actively investing in expanding his business through strategic growth initiatives.

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