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We understand that when it comes to marketing your automotive business, you may have questions about how we can help, our process, and what results you can expect.

This page is designed to provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive.

You can expect us to be dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service and results-driven solutions, and so we believe that it is key you should have an informed and educated understanding of our services before making a decision to work with us.

So, whether you’re a new client or a returning customer, we encourage you to browse our FAQ page and learn more about our services and how we can help your automotive service business grow & thrive.

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services designed specifically for the automotive industry.

Our services include paid social media marketing advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, YouTube, etc. We also build & manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the Google Ads platform including ad creation, keyword research & conversion tracking.

Working closely with our clients, we create tailored marketing campaigns that align with their business goals and budget.

If you’re looking to drive more traffic and generate more leads & enquiries, we have the systems, expertise and experience to help your automotive service business grow and prosper.

There is a range of marketing packages designed to fit various budgets and business needs, starting at as little as £244 per month for a 3 month trial.

The eventual price of the marketing services you choose for your business and your requirements depends on the package you choose and any upgrades you’d like to add.

To view our packages and pricing, please visit our pricing page [insert link], where you can find detailed information on the services included in each package and their respective costs.

We understand that every business has unique marketing needs and budget constraints, which is why we offer a range of solutions to fit your requirements.

Remember that the price you pay for your Auto Growth services + your marketing budget will be more than covered by the additional sales that will be generated by using our tried & tested systems & processes. So in reality, it actually costs less than nothing!

We have a developed ad campaigns with proven results, so we know that we can generate enquiries as soon as we get going with the businesses we partner with.

There are also sales processes that the business owners need to follow to maximise the conversion of enquiries into prospects, which gives the best results.

Because of the campaigns, systems & processes we’ve developed give us predictable results, we offer a guaranteed minimum number of jobs you’ll secure in your first 30 days, or you don’t pay a penny for our services.

Providing our partner businesses follow the system, they usually get booked up for at least 3 weeks in advance within the first 30 days.

Because we have Facebook marketing campaigns with proven results, these are implemented firstly so we can generate enquiries as soon as we get going with the businesses we partner with.

Once these are fine-tuned to meet the businesses goals, we then look at other marketing channels such as Google Ads, TikTok, etc as well as other marketing strategies such as re-targeting to generate more enquiries & sales.

All campaigns are tracked for conversion & costs to ensure they generate a positive ROI (return on investment) and are regularly & carefully fine-tuned & optimised to ensure they are as efficient and effective as possible.

As well as marketing strategies, we also have sales techniques which we encourage our partners to deploy, which not only dramatically improve conversions of enquiries into jobs booked, but also increase the value of the jobs

Because the campaigns we launch for our partner businesses are direct response campaigns (i.e. encourages the prospect to take an action – e.g. get a price, visit the website, call you, etc) we are able to track where every on-line enquiry comes from, even down to the individual ad they clicked on.

This granularity allows us to accurately measure the performance of each ad, and calculate the cost per enquiry, cost per job, and the conversion rates for enquiries & jobs.

The campaigns are regularly monitored & carefully fine-tuned & optimised to ensure they are performing well, and are generating a good return on investment.

Because the digital marketing space is constantly changing & evolving, it’s an area that you need to keep on top of to stay ‘ahead of the game’

So as well as being part of several marketing groups & memberships, because of the number of Facebook & Google accounts we look after, we also have access to representatives from these major marketing channels who keep us informed of new initiatives & provide support & advice where necessary.

We also subscribe to many marketing publications & blogs from industry leaders & influencers, always looking for new insights which could be tried & tested in the automotive service industry.

However, there is so much potential information available, that the key is discernment – judging what is worth diving into and/or testing.

Because each business we work with is at a different stage of their business development journey, we have a range of packages & add-ons which can be selected depending on your goals and budget.

The packages can be upgraded or extras added to your current package as your business grows during our time working together.

During our discussions on your initial discovery call & during your on-boarding, we’ll suggest & confirm which package will be best suited for you in your current situation.

As we want to partner with the automotive service businesses we work with, and want a long term relationship where you think of us as part of your team (not just a supplier), as well as being very careful who we work with, we’re also very careful that we give the very best advice too.

We won’t try to sell you a package that’s best for us, it needs to be what’s best for you & your goals & ambitions if we’re to build up a close & trusting relationship whilst we’re working together, building your business & profits.

There are reviews on our Google profile and Facebook page you can take a look at, as well as a page here on the website you where you can see what other automotive service business owners say about working with us here at Auto Growth.

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