Car Detailing Marketing

As an Auto Growth client, to help build your car detailing business our unique C.A.R.S © system uses the following processes and strategies into your business to generate enquiries, and help you to turn them into paying customers.

The Services To Help gROW Your Detailing Business

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Email & Text Marketing Automation

Customer Database - CRM

Appointments / Bookings Calendar

Online Payment System

Missed Call Handling

Reporting & Sales Pipeline Dashboard

📈 Paid Advertising

Using paid marketing such as Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram & TikTok we create marketing campaigns to generate enquiries for your car detailing services.

Continually optimising the campaigns to figure out your ideal target market who are interested in your services, we then develop engaging ads and/or offers that those people would like to see & find out more about. 

We measure the cost of the ad campaigns on the various platforms, as well as the number of enquiries generated & sales made, to ensure a good ROI (return on investment) for our detailing clients. 

♻️ Remarketing Campaigns

This enables you to advertise your detailing business and it’s services to people who’ve already shown an interest.

For example, if they’ve visited your website but not booked in there & then, later, when they’re browsing social media or other websites, you show your ads to them to encourage them to book or contact you.

That’s remarketing in action!

Using platforms like Facebook & Google partner websites, you can remind them of the detailing service they were interested in and encourage them to come back and make a booking.

It is a very powerful marketing tool for car detailing businesses, because it targets people who have already shown some level of interest and may be more likely to convert into paying customers.

💬 Email & Text Marketing Automation

Your detailing business can automatically send messages (mails and/or text) to your customers based on certain actions & triggers the prospect or customer takes. 

For example, if a customer requests a price list, they might receive an email with the prices automatically, followed up with periodic emails and/or texts letting them know about your business, it’s services, reviews from previous customers, useful info, offers, etc to keep them engaged, help them choose you & keep your business ‘front of mind’.

Our automation system makes it easier for you to communicate with your prospects & customers without having to manually send messages one by one, at the right time, to the right people. 

It can also help increase customer engagement and sales by sending personalised messages, offers, details of your existing/new services, etc at the right time.


🧑‍💻 Customer Database - CRM

A CRM system (or customer relationship management system) is more than just a database of customers & prospects. 

It’s a tool which helps you to manage your interactions with prospects & customers.

You will be able to automatically store information about prospects & customers, such as their contact information, past purchases, and communication history, all in one central location, for easy access.

Together we can then use this data to better understand customers’ needs and preferences and to provide a more personalised experience. 

For example, if customers have had a particular previous service, you can quickly identify all these customers in the CRM system and make an offer for a complimentary service.

Our CRM system also automates tasks, such as sending emails and texts for appointment reminders, which helps reduce ‘no-shows’ and saves you time whilst improving your business efficiency.

📅 Appointments & Bookings Calendar

Your online appointments/bookings calendar will allow customers to schedule appointments or book services online, and also integrates to automatically trigger actions such as emails, texts and/or tasks for you.

This helps to streamline the booking process for your car detailing services, and reduces the workload for you and/or your staff. 

It also eliminates the need to keep manual appointment & booking diaries, which can be both time-consuming and prone to errors.

The benefit for your customers is that it provides the convenience of being able to book appointments or services at any time, from anywhere. 

They can easily view availability and choose a time that works best for them, without having to wait on hold or send multiple emails. 

This can also help reduce the likelihood of missed appointments or no-shows.

💳 Online Payment System

With access to our online payment system, this enables your detailing customers to pay for things over the internet, instead of having to bring cash or credit cards in person.

For your car detailing business, using an online payment system has many benefits and your customers can pay easily and quickly, making it quicker & easier for you to get paid. 

It also means your car detailing business can accept payments from people who might not be able to visit you in person.

Another benefit is that our Stripe online payment system is very secure, which means that customers can trust that their payment information will be kept safe. 

This can help build trust between you and your customers, which can be important for repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

📞 Missed Call Handling

If you and/or your team are not available to take a phone call from a potential ceramic coating or detailing customer when they phone you, they might just call one of your competitors instead, and you could lose a potential job!

As an Auto Growth detailing client, you will be given your own contact numbers for customers to call, which if unanswered, will give an option to leave a voice message, but also, send an automated text message to the caller asking them for their details & their enquiry.

This text lets them know their enquiry has been received, and can be the start a text conversation which more often than not means the caller may not try anywhere else, because they know your ‘on the case’.

🖥️ Reporting & Sales Pipeline Dashboard

Having a good ‘handle’ on your numbers is vital to the growth & sustainability of your detailing business.

Our reporting systems collect important data about your business, such as sales numbers, enquiry levels, jobs booked and other important information. 

This can help you as a business owner keep your finger on the pulse of your business & make informed decisions on how to run & grow it more effectively, as well as areas that need improvement.

You’ll also have a sales pipeline, which will give you a visual representation of the number of people at each step involved in making a sale, from enquiries through to closing the deal. It can help you keep track of your sales process and identify areas where you need to focus and/or improve.

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