Automotive Marketing Ai Bot

Meet Rob, Your Ai Employee

Meet Rob, your AI bot employee who helps with marketing tasks and turning new leads into appointments through your Auto Growth App. 

He works 24/7, and he frees up hours of your time. 

Check out his use cases below, and at the bottom of the page test him out.

Turn Your New Leads Into Booked Calls In Your Calendar

Ai Employee - New Lead Bot

Are you tired of asking the same questions to new leads, then trying to schedule a time to chat, only for them to ghost you?

With Rob, as soon as you get a new lead, he asks the crucial questions before booking a slot in your calendar. Sending them and you reminders.

Handle new leads the second they come in, give your sales team more time to make calls with warm prospects, and have an employee managing new leads 24/7. 

Time saved per day: 30 mins – 1 hour

Turn Old Leads & Previous Customers Into New Bookings

Ai Employee - Database Reactivation
Turn Old Leads Into New Opportunities

Those old leads and old list of customers you have aren’t useless, they are potential sales just waiting there!

Rob reaches out to them via text & email and finds out where they are, or can recommend an offer or remind them of your services, then begin to sell them.

Turning wasted or untapped potential into more bookings.

Never Worry About A Missed Call

Ai Employee - Missed Call Ai Bot
Rob Gives You Time Back Incase You Miss A Call

Using Auto Growth’s missed-call text back feature, if they reply to your message asking: ‘What time are you open until again?’, or ‘what’s your postcode?” ‘what time can I collect my car’

Your Ai Bot puts on their customer-service hat and takes care of those questions. 

You can update your Knowledge Base inside your Auto Growth App, and let Rob handle repetitive questions.

Time saved per day: 30 mins – 1 hour

A Fulltime Employee Managing Your Social Media Inbox

Ai Employee - Social Media DM's
Rob Handles Every Message, Captures Their Details, And Then Adds Them To Your Sales Pipeline

Our AI bot makes answering messages easy and quick. 

It sorts through your inbox, figures out if someone’s asking something common or about prices, and asks them more about what they need. 

Then, it gets their contact info and adds them to your sales list in the Auto Growth App. It’s like having a smart helper for your messages!

Every Comment Becomes A Lead

Ai Employee - Ads Comments & DMs
Those 'How Much?' Comments Become Extra FREE Leads!

Stop missing out on sales from your ad comments.

With Rob, every ‘how much?’ comment becomes a new lead. 

Rob uniquely replies to comments, then slides into DMs to gather essential info, after asking for their contact information to you to follow up with. 

This turns casual queries into potential sales. 

Plus, responding to every comment boosts your Facebook & Instagram ad scores, making your ads more effective. Rob’s proactive approach ensures no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Show Your Gratitude To Customer Reviews

Ai Employee - rEPLY tO aLL rEVIEWS
A Custom Written Reply Related To Their Review

Getting lots of Google reviews and Facebook Reviews is awesome, but not replying, or just saying ‘Thanks!’ isn’t cool.

Your Ai Bot replies to your reviews in a caring and thoughtful way.

This shows everyone you really care about customer service and helps them trust your business more because they see you value your customers.

Make The Most Of Your New Reviews And Share Them

Facebook posts of reviews that have been shared across automatically on Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile and more
Your 5* Reviews Are Now Posted To Your Social Media, Showing Off Your Business

Rob automatically shares your top-rated reviews from Facebook and Google. It uses a custom template that matches your brand’s colors and fonts.

Every time you get a new review, Rob takes it and posts it on your social media pages when most of your audience is online.

Have A 24/7 Live Chat Expert On Your Website For Your Customers To Use

Ai Employee - 24/7 lIVE cHAT bOT
Your Ai Employee Is Live For Potential Customers To Use 24/7, And Knows Your Business Better Than You!

Did you know, roughly 2/10 website visitors use live chat widgets?

With Auto Growth’s webchat widget plus AI live chat, your customers feel as if they’re talking to a real person. 

The AI bot handles any questions, finds out vehicle details and updates their contract record so you don’t have to do it manually, and begins to find out what services they’re interested in. 

Asking them relevant questions and then adding them to your appropriate sales pipeline, it can even send quotes.

This means your customers get fast, helpful service and it’s one less thing for you to manage.

Get Back 3 Hours Per Day, And Get More Jobs

On average, Rob saves you or your team 3 hours of manual busy work, which only gets done when you have the time. 

With Rob, he does it all instantly, wins you back time, and means you get to focus on doing the work or focus on the things that will drive the business forward.

By getting things done immediately, it also means the better likeliness you have of more sales and bookings too.

Add, Edit & Delete Frequently Asked Questions In Your Auto Growth App

Rob Knows Your Business Almost As Good As You

Your AI Employee builds a knowledge base inside your Auto Growth App.

You insert your website URL, and Rob reads every piece of text across your site and starts creating questions people may ask from your website.

Then if you ever need to add more or edit and delete you can do it within your Auto Growth App.

Employee OR Ai Employee?

Ai-Salesman vs. Employee
Feature Employee Ai-Salesman
Working Hours Starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm, Monday to Friday Works 24 hours, 7 days a week
Holiday Days 28 Days + sick Days Never needs a holiday
Follows Procedures Sometimes, after lots of training? Gets it right first time, every time
Commitment Here today, gone tomorrow? Lifelong loyalty.
Sales Expert With Effort Tries hard from time to time World Class Sales Person
Pricing Wages starting from £2,000 Starting from £10 per day
Time Saved 3-4 hours a day managing them Saves You 3-4 Hours A Day

See The Results For Yourself

He Handled The Price & Then Booked Them In
Always Provides Friendly Customer Service
Pushes For The Booking By Registering Their Interest

“This New AI Bot is absolutely incredible. The Bot warms up the customers prior to you giving them a call.

Before you call them you pretty much have all the info you could need to sell them the right package.

I would say if you are a small busy team, and can’t handle the amount of conversations with different customers, then this is the next best thing for your business.

This Bot makes everything so much simpler for you and can increase the number of sales dramatically!”

Bradley Brookshaw

Owner, Supreme Car Detailing

Test It Out For Yourself

Enter your details and see how Rob takes your new leads, asks them the relevant questions, and then books them in for a call in your calendar.

Auto Growth Ai Pricing

Ai Starter


  • New Lead Ai Bot (1 Service Only)
  • Editable Knowledge Base & FAQs
Ai Premium


  • Everything In Ai Starter
  • New Lead Ai Bot (Unlimited)
  • Social Media Inbox Ai Bot
  • Missed Call Ai Bot
  • Facebook & Google Review Reply Ai Bot
  • Review Share Ai Bot
  • Facebook Ads Comment Ai Bot
  • Facebook Ads Comment to DM Ai Bot
  • + ALL Future Ai Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

The only other cost that isn’t listed above is the cost for your Ai Bot to function.

When you first launch your Ai Bot, you will create & open an OpenAi account. This is the Ai provider that generates and powers your bot.

Every time your bot makes a function (APi call), it takes a charge from your account. On average these charges are between £0.02-0.04p a call. 

An incredible saving when compared to your hourly rate, and the level of intelligence and capabilities your Ai employee has.

Once you’ve confirmed your Ai Salesman, we’ll send you information on how to answer your frequently asked questions knowledge base. After that initial setup, your salesman is good to go. 

Yes. Whenever you would like to add any additional FAQs, you can just simply add them to your knowledge base. Any new entries will be picked up from your Ai Salesman. 

Yes! If you ever need to turn off your Ai Salesman from contacting your leads then it’s as simple as adding a tag to a contact. Whenever the tag is applied it will

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